What's Your Shit Storm Attitude?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The majority of the human race have all been through shit storms and life struggles. Be it a big storm or little storm, they all feel the same. Crippling. Suffocating. Terrifying.

You read all over the place about how ‘attitude is everything’ when it comes to tackling life’s nasty moments. I know when I see those memes, I read them, think to myself “yeah, that’s totally right”, and then continue on dealing with my hard times, and totally forget to adjust my attitude.

It is SO EASY to blame everyone, and everything, around you, when you feel like an emotional ball of crap. Should we really blame others all the time though? I know in some situations, sure- for sure you can, some things are strictly someone else’s doing- but in most situations… no… we shouldn’t push the blame off. It’s us. We hold ourselves down. We stay wallowing in the self-pity and misery. Why? Let’s be honest, it feels good. It’s attention. It’s not positive attention- but it is attention, none the less. It feels almost “easier” to be upset and cry, and just lay in bed, not moving.

Do you really want to face what causes those reaction though? There is always a deeper, underlining reason as to why, when the storm hits, we get weak.

So many don’t even bother to dig deeper, but that's where others, such as myself, who are constantly searching for the reason as to why we feel the way we do, are here to help!

Here’s the thing I’ve discovered; storms are going to happen- it’s inevitable. We cannot avoid it, I don’t care how perfect you think your life is. You will face a storm, before you die. I promise.

Think about this. During actual severe weather storms you will usually see three different types of personalities.

1.You have the person who will watch the weather on TV, and keep a close eye on the storm, while chilling in their living room.

2. You have the person who, at the first sign of dark clouds will get the pillows, blankets, water, and kiddos and make a night of it hiding under the cobweb infested stairs waiting for the sun to shine again.

3. You have the person who is running outside, to watch that bitch come in. Who is getting rained on, getting windblown, and getting all excited when they see possible tornado rotation overhead.

Out of those three, tell me- which one is actually facing their storm head on?

You could say it's the person on the couch, because they’re not letting things bother them, but are they really facing the magnitude of the storm, or are they just waiting until it gets bad enough, only to run down to the basement and duck cover?

You could say the person huddled up all night under the stairs is living the fear free life because they have the entire situation under control. (As much as possible, anyway). But, are they really facing the storm? Or are they truthfully living in TOTAL fearful assumption that it’s going to be terrible, thus limiting themselves to a musty, spider infested corner?

It really depends on who you ask, but to me, the person truly embracing their fears, is the one who is out in the storm. Facing it head on. Telling that storm, you can blow, you can rain, but you can never keep me down. God is my strength, God is my protection, and if it’s God’s will- so be it.

That, my friends, is freedom. (A little stupidity, if there was actual rotation, yes) but none the less…. It’s facing the fears, being out of control of the situation, and just letting the storm happen, knowing full well, it will come to an end. It has to.

Life’s storms are not much different. They’re terrifying, and you will feel fear when faced with things such as, abuse, death, loss of a career, loss of motor functions, loss of limbs. My question to you is this, what are you going to do with all that fear? Sit on it, and act like it’s not a problem until it’s too late? Hide it in the basement, deep down inside, until it creeps back up so fast and hard that you can’t do anything but collapse, or are you going to face that storm head on- throw your hands in the air- and let the fear fall while screaming, "I AM NOT IN CONTROL, AND IT IS TOTALLY OK!"?

This, I think, is what all those silly memes mean about ‘attitude’. Your attitude is a choice. A daily, hourly, sometimes by the minute, choice to not let your fear control you.

Shit storms are going to happen, but they will blow past eventually. There will be sunshine, again.

Your attitude during all of it depends on you, and the outcome can be so incredibly freeing if you let it!!