Help Your Brain, Help You

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The brain is so incredibly convoluted.

I mean, how’s this for a conundrum? The smartest scientists and doctors on this planet are not yet able to fully understand the complexity of the human brain.

Though the knowledge of the brain has improved over the last 15 years, there is still a vast amount of untapped information left, and personally I don’t believe we will ever fully understand how this ball of fatty tissue functions.

However, none of these truths keep my tireless cranium from trying to dissect itself and crack open life’s secrets, as soon as I attempt to lay down and sleep.

It is pure chaos inside my pulsing brain, folks. Neurons are being wildly thrown at my frontal lobe at an alarming rate of 250 mph; each expecting some sort of… validation… out of its residing human vessel.

Most days I completely fail to corral them, resulting in an over processing mind that quickly begins to spiral out of control, taking whatever shred of dignity I thought I had, down with it.

Truthfully, it can be completely astounding how fast my neurons explode into words that then spew out of my mouth like a swarm of hungry locusts, consuming all hope of rationality in the room, resulting in pure, raw, uncomfortable silence to arise.

"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." -Edgar Allan Poe

Ain’t that the truth?

It seems Mr. Poe knew what he was talking about, as he delicately controlled his flying neurons, in order to concoct such a well put together sentence.

Another wonderful quote to go along with Mr. Poe is from the lovely Betty Eadie:

"If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive." -Betty Eadie

“We would guard them more closely”. We must learn to guard the 10 thousand specific neurons, transmitting over a thousand nerve impulses- per second.

But, how does one do this? This is an excellent question. One that I have spent countless nights lying in bed, staring at the blank ceiling, in attempt to glean some sort of answer from the abyss.

The simple answer I found was this…. The gym.

Yup, I just took that fork in the road- YET AGAIN- (this will be blog post #4 that gives ‘working out’ as a resulting answer), but I keep pushing this subject, because it’s TRUE!

The gym is a constant. It’s a place where I can force my crazy neurons to align on common ground and focus, thus allowing me to regain a sense of control.

See, lifting weights is about far more than “getting strong” or “looking good”.

It’s a safe place for the mind to work towards a common goal.

It’s a resting place for the frontal lobe. Did you know the frontal lobe controls your emotions, problem solving, memory, and judgment? All vital attributes to a healthy, stable mentality.

It’s freedom from stress, anger, depression, confusion, and over all mental exhaustion.

See, when you start working out, the brain recognizes it as a moment of stress. In-order to combat the stress chemical, your body begins to release endorphins in the brain, blocking the feelings of pain and enhancing the feelings of euphoria.

The brain also releases a protein called ‘brain-derived neurotrophic factor’, which has a protective and repairing element to your ‘memory neurons’, resulting in a ‘clearer mind’ after your workout is complete.

Pretty cool, huh?

It seems so simple, yet so many still struggle with actually granting themselves this amazing gift of healing.

I believe the biggest thing holding people back from understanding this form of mental freedom - is a lack of discipline.

So in closing, I’m going to leave you with the master’s words.

These are a few perfect quotes from Joko Willink, a prior Navy SEAL and author of the books Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win and Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

These simple statements truly help spell out how you can gain discipline in your life!

“The test is not a complex one: when the alarm goes off, do you get up out of bed, or do you lie there in comfort and fall back to sleep? If you have the discipline to get out of bed, you win—you pass the test. If you are mentally weak for that moment and you let that weakness keep you in bed, you fail. Though it seems small, that weakness translates to more significant decisions. But if you exercise discipline, that too translates to more substantial elements of your life.”
Jocko Willink

“Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.”
Jocko Willink

“Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind.”
Jocko Willink

“Prioritize your problems and take care of them one at a time, the highest priority first. Don’t try to do everything at once or you won’t be successful.” I explained how a leader who tries to take on too many problems simultaneously will likely fail at them all.”
Jocko Willink

“Don’t fight stress. Embrace it. Turn it on itself. Use it to make yourself sharper and more alert. Use it to make you think and learn and get better and smarter and more effective. Use the stress to make you a better you.”
Jocko Willink

“No more. No more. NO MORE. No more excuses. No more: “I’ll start tomorrow.” No more: “Just this once.” No more accepting the shortfalls of my own will. No more taking the easy road. No more bowing down to whatever unhealthy or unproductive thoughts float through my mind. No. No more. No more waiting for the perfect moment and no more indecision and no more lies. No more weakness. No. No more. Now is the time for strength. And through strength— and through will— and through unwavering discipline— I will become what I want to be. I will become who I want to be. And then—and only then—will I rest and say: No more.”
Jocko Willink

(That last one is my favorite.) He’s a smart man isn’t he? Check out the link to his books, on the home page!

Friends, freedom is waiting for you! Healing is at your finger tips. Imagine how amazing it will feel when you will finally be able to rest and say “NO MORE!”